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Christmas in July.

For someone who grew up in the UK, memories of Christmas are so vivid, the run up to the 25th was so full of excitement as a boy. Arriving in Australia in 1999 - Christmas time was a bit of a flop. The burning sun and the lack of that chill was certainly part of the flop for me - but also the fact that it became glaringly obvious that the point of Christmas with out all that chill and long run up to an oft wished for white Christmas was all part of it.

It was working in a restaurant in Sydney that I became aware of this 'Christmas in July' concept. And I sort of got it - it made more sense weather wise - I imagined at the snow fields in July it would be a boom time.

But it still fell short - way short in truth of what Christmas is truly all about - for me any way.

Gathering together is really all there is to Christmas - yes there is always more of everything to indulge in - but there are many reasons for that (not for this blog) - really it has to be about people.

And so at the beginning of this new financial year - its a great opportunity for us all to stop, appreciate where we have come to in the middle of this year and seed forth where we are heading to - as a group and individuals. Where does catering come into it - well just like Christmas it would be great to offer great food to your team whilst you have this discussion. This is where we come in and we look forward to sharing with you all that we are, where we have come to as a business and where we are going to.

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