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Enrich life - one relationship at a time.

We get to this time of year - mid year - that financial stop, pause, breather before hitting the road for the next cycle - another year this time with higher targets and margins to make. Until next year when it all begins again. As a catering business we are no different to any other business, the same cycles apply and we have to plan and work out - how much we'll sell, how much it will cost in food, staff, running costs etc.

It can all start to feel mundane and pedestrian if we keep our work at that functional level - and most of us if we are honest do - because well there is something else around the corner right? Something a bit shinier, a bit more of this or that which we want - isn't there?

The thing that we are learning (no perfection, striving or trying need apply) is to enrich our daily duties and our much needed activities that keep everything afloat. What better way to do this than by enriching our lives through our relationships with others. One of the best things about my job is I can jump into a van and do deliveries - it helps the team for one thing, gets me out of the office and away from the computer for a short time, but most importantly it gets me in the field with people, meeting people and getting to know more about me and my interactions with people. Whoever they are.

The best time to meet people is in a crowded hospital lift when you are delivering food for a special Dr's meeting somewhere. Every one remarks on the food - they were hungry etc, its a bit of fun, I always say - well if we get stuck you can have something to eat to tide you over, I say hello and for a brief moment we all have a bit of fun - not quite Willy Wonka's elevator, but interestingly I note that everyone feels a little lighter when they got off at their floor and we all say goodbye. The simplest connection.

The smallest moment - enriching everyone's lives is key to enriching our own.

Next time you are on the phone for supplies or ordering catering for that matter, remove the function and start to enrich - you will be surprised at what can transpire. I always am.

As well as being an insightful, philosophical and people first organisation we also deliver delicious, handmade, healthy and sustainable catering Perth Wide.

We look forward to serving you. Soon.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Refined Sugar Free Muffins - made by hand in Wembley.
Muffins always work.

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