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Who we are: the FCC story

Fresh Convenience Catering was established 9 years ago, purchased by Heart In Hospitality Pty Ltd in August of 2017 and continues to provide Perth catering for all manner of events and meetings.

Heart in Hospitality Pty Ltd is owned and run by Lee Green.


Lee has had a long term career in hospitality - spanning 28 years across restaurants, bars, cafes and catering enterprises. He has earned a solid grounding in both casual and fine dining establishments world wide - London, Sydney & Melbourne before heading to Perth to set up home and build a hospitality business that puts 'people first'. Canning River Cafe is the most recent cafe to be run under Lee's direction and guidance - and recently received the 2017 Cafe Dining Award WA by the Restaurant and Catering Association. An accolade that recognises that the cafe space, the team and the menu are all working in harmony.


Having always worked front of house, Lee's interest in food and creating meals always led him to eagerly learn and observe the workings in the kitchen, no coincidence then that he should end up in the kitchen at the cafe from time to time (supporting) co-creating dishes and menus and leading the way in Gluten and Dairy Free dining - more recently adding Refined Sugar Free eating to the mix.

The philosophy of Lee's business is that we should all be able to sit as a family and eat - no matter what the dietary requirements and it is a philosophy that breaks down barriers.

As more and more cafes and restaurants realise that Gluten Free and Dairy Free eating is not a passing fad it becomes even more important to consider what quality the food is being cooked and prepared in.


This takes hospitality to a different level entirely and a new path emerges as Lee takes to the catering market in Perth with the same philosophy in hand.


Food made with care and dedication not only tastes better but is actually more nourishing and nurturing of the body. This has an affect on how we live and move, something few of us actually consider. What then are we actually eating?

Lee intends to bring more awareness to the hospitality industry, the people that work in it and how each of us has a responsibility to look after ourselves more carefully to handle the rigours of an industry that is unlike any other.


He understands that the service of people is a privilege and a unique opportunity to learn so much about yourself and the world, we need to be in the best possible physical and mental state to handle the way the world is changing.

With Fresh Convenience Catering he is able to build a business that spans across Perth - he views catering as a city wide restaurant with tables scattered in all parts of the city. "It is important that each one of our customers is attended to and loved equally with all others."

Lee Green is available for speaking engagements and private consultation.

You can contact him here.

As well as being a businessman, he is also a writer & photographer and loves people. He lives in suburban Perth with his wife Sally and daughter Madeline.

You can follow his personal blog here.

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