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From your premium catering company in Perth

At Fresh Convenience Catering we believe that food is medicine and the biggest healing component of it is love.

We care about our staff, suppliers and customers and love the relationships we've built with everyone who comes in contact with us.

So our business model extends beyond the corporate and into the home. 


When times are challenging, preparing good food for yourself and your family can be an additional and unwanted stress. While there's definitely the time and place for a cheeky pizza, we are here to support, sustain and nourish you through the times when self-care means outsourcing cooking to others.

Our ready-meals are tasty, nutritious and best of all: easy to get from fridge or freezer to table.

We can arrange delivery to your home - or to that of a loved one - so that sustenance and comfort is waiting!


Who we take care of:

  • Professionals, shift workers, FiFo workers: minimise the transition to home life by letting us nurture you.

  • New parents and families: Let us spend time in the kitchen so you don't have to. Go spend time with your bub, or sneak in a nap knowing that dinner is already prepared. 

  • Carers: We recognise when you are the one who does everything, you need some care too!

  • Post-surgery or recuperation: Let us supply the food so you can get on with healing. 

  • Families who have lots on and are running the kids around after school and get home late: that's ALL of us!

  • Those wanting some time out from the kitchen but want to self care and nourish themselves.

  • People who think they cannot cook or do not want to cook - we will do it for you.

Let us provide you with loving meals for you - whatever the reason!


Enjoy your favourite dishes, feed yourself and your family - all in the comfort of your own home.

And as usual, we can prepare for a diversity of needs and diets. We offer a variety of packs: something for everyone - meat lovers, vegans and vegetarians, gluten and dairy free - we cater for all! 

You decide what you need and we will deliver.

Made fresh by our hands
and from the heart to your plate
Packaged food for you
Arancini Balls ~ Gluten Free & Vegan
Lemon Meringue Tarts ~ Gluten Free & Dairy Fee
Family Meal Delivered
Cranberry & Coconut Balls.png
Chocolate brownie ~Gluten Free & Dairy Free
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