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From your premium catering company in Perth
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We all love choices - and you'd be hard pressed to find more choices than we have to offer each and every day. Our freezer to plate range is delicious, quality produce that is meal ready and stored in your freezer. 40 mins from freezer to table in a 170°C oven. Or you can microwave from frozen and your meal is ready in a few minutes. Simple support for all.


No need to go anywhere - we come to you.

You can choose contact-less delivery or delivery as normal and the ordering system is simple and convenient to use. See below for whats on offer in the freezer to plate packages and be sure to check out our home delivery packs and pantry here.

Made fresh
Through our hands
and from the heart
To your plate
The Freezer to Plate Meals Range

Delicious hand made soups - natural and nutritious ingredients blast frozen and ready to heat in the microwave or in a slow pan on the hob.

All soups Gluten, Dairy Free & Vegan.

  • Carrot, cumin & orange

  • Roast pumpkin & coconut

  • Chunky vegetable

  • Classic minestrone

  • Everything green

From freezer to plate - natural and nutritious ingredients blast frozen and ready to heat in the microwave or in an oven at 170°C.

  • Beef Casserole (GF & DF)

  • Cottage Pie (GF)

  • Lasagne Al Forno
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise

  • Butter Chicken (GF)

  • Chicken Summer Stew (GF & DF)

  • Chicken Cacciatore (GF & DF)

  • Roast Chicken Ratatouille (GF & DF)

  • Irish Lamb Stew (GF & DF)

  • Lamb Kofta, Rice & Curry Sauce (GF & DF)

  • Sweet & Sour Pork (GF & DF)

  • Roast Vegetable Korma (Vegan, GF & DF)

  • Roast Vegetable Lasagne (Vegetarian)

  • Summer Vegetable Tagine (Vegan, GF & DF)

  • Sweet Potato & Green Bean Curry (Vegan, GF & DF)


The New Arrivals Pack

Perfect for the brand new family - a superb gift to create 'space and needed down time' for any new mum and dad!
12 healthy meals (2 of each flavour) ready to be cooked in the oven is the perfect support and will free up no end of valuable 'resting' time.

New Arrivals Pack

12 Meals


The Respite Care Pack

Look after a loved one and ensure they have nutritious meals to support their recovery or downtime. Choose from 3 delicious soups and 7 meals supports for a few days at home with nourishment and nurturing.

Respite Care Pack

3 Soups & 7 Meals


The Full Family Pack

The best way to stay on top of life - have food ready for every occasion in the freezer ready to go. Top quality produce transformed in to 28 delicious ready to reheat meals to support your busy lifestyle.

Full Family Pack

28 Meals


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