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Environmental Policy

Inline with current practices the world over, Fresh Convenience Catering has committed to continually improving its environmental and social sustainability performance.

We are part of the environment; what we use and how we use resources - including people and products - is of paramount importance to the well being of all.


So really, how we run our business is more than adhering to external expectations around recycling. Everything we do is designed to create the smallest negative impact on the world and all others.

We choose to work in a harmonious way with integrity as our guiding light.


Our day to day initiatives include:

  • Our kitchen runs on electricity supplemented by solar power.

  • Food waste is composted and cardboard & plastics recycled by WRITE Solutions.

  • Used oil is collected, dewatered & refined ready for use as biodiesel fuel by Cookers.

  • Packaging, cups, lids, rubbish bags, smoothie bags etc for the catering and cafes is supplied by BioPak & Vegware.

  • In the kitchen we use BioGone products for plastic wrapping if it is required.

  • Any food that is made and not able to be supplied due to cancellation or alike we distribute to the local community centre or nearby primary school.

  • We purchase from local WA suppliers where possible.

  • we work with our team on food, energy and water use awareness to prevent waste.

  • We comply with national, state and local government policy and legislation.​

  • We operate our cafes and catering business with all of us being paramount in our decision making processes.

These initiatives feed into the level of responsibility we've chosen to undertake and so we make all decisions in all aspects of our business that support that.


If we don't, then we are using words not based in integrity. This affects how our business delivers to the community.


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