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Fresh Convenience Catering

Administration & Business Support Officer.

Part Time Position.

We present a founding opportunity for an Administration & Business Support Officer (ASO) to join our highly regarded team at Fresh Convenience Catering.


If you love dedicated work, enjoy being a team player, if ascending above and beyond in support of what is needed, if no compromise on quality and care about how a business is run while serving people is what you represent then we want you working with us.


  • Our business is serving our customers.

  • Everyone is treated equally.

  • We each lead in our own right.


As the preamble states we are looking for someone to join us in continually raising the bar. You do not necessarily have to be qualified. All that is required is a willingness that brings to everything the embrace to learn with a smile and a joy in your steps.

We run our teams based on equal coherence and therefore you have to be prepared to communicate with others; be open, honest and understanding with everyone.  We are continually evolving the business and what it represents and thus you must also be prepared to look at developing and supporting others to be the best that they can be.

Our business is great because we all work together. So, if you can:

  • Commit to this role

  • Can feel the purpose of what is possible

  • Love serving people

  • Be open to learning

  • Be willing to be adaptable

  • Enrich our business with your qualities


Then please read on and apply for this position.

Fresh Convenience Catering

Administration & Business Support Officer

The position would be ideally suited to a manager in the restaurant industry that is looking for the next position, do not let the term, administration officer fool you. Whilst completing all of the admin tasks you must be prepared to jump in when needed - kitchen prep if called for, a delivery here or there, driving chefs to a function etc etc - Hands on and ready to say yes to anything presented.

Job responsibilities related to skill, but not limited to:

  • Administrative support for the business.

  • Verbal and written skills.

  • Resourcefulness so that you can adapt to the business needs - see and hear what the needs are.

  • Orientation is towards attention to detail.

  • Responsive to electronic communication.

  • Support with the smooth running of the business.

  • See through and around systems to bring harmony to them and the ease of use for all staff

  • Taking telephone calls.

  • Communicating with clients in support of their catering and contract requirements.

  • Managing and distributing information within the business.

  • Highly organised and can manage their work time effectively, efficiently and productively.

  • Adept in technology. For example we use Food Storm, Employment Hero, Jolt and Microsoft Office.

  • Social Media Support & Planning

  • Word processing.

  • Electronic filing.

  • Data input.

  • Anticipates need and can be on the front foot for the needs of the business.

  • Escalate/Report any WHS, incident or client concerns.

  • Any other duties as advised/required by the business.

  • And so much more - assist with the kitchen, talk to prospective clients, support the team etc etc.

Job responsibilities related to you as a person:


  • Work in a way that shows us that it is always about people first, your colleagues and our customers.

  • Live a level of care, regard and love for yourself so that you bring all of you to work each day.

  • Ensure that to the best of your ability emotions are not brought into the workspace.

  • Help to build a team within the business based on harmony and joy – having fun, being playful and smiling go a long way.

  • Take responsibility for your actions.

  • Speak up and communicate what you feel to others so that you contribute to what is going on in your work environment as every voice matters.

  • Work to continually evolve the business so that it can be a well-oiled machine and a leading light in hospitality.

  • Take ownership of your role and give every day your all working with purpose and focus while on shift.

  • Know that we are all equal and play an equal part in the running of the business.


20-25 hours per week

Monday to Friday

Start and finish times to be negotiated dependent on what will support both parties.

Applications to be received by CoB Tuesday 30th June 2020

Please send a cover letter and resume to