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Try before you buy?

Trying out a new catering company - can be a little stressful.

The pictures may look great but how will actually be? Will they deliver on time ?

What will the delivery driver be like, friendly or not?

In order to support your decision making we take a different tack. We send you a tasting box - a little bit of everything to try with your colleagues, so that your next choice is informed and backed by what you know. No stress.


Oh and no charge.

Rest assured we are a professional catering company, with pressed uniforms, clean vans and fresh, quality food made fresh every day for delivery to our clients Perth wide.

It's a simple process and is open to all businesses Perth wide.

We appreciate the opportunity and all we ask is that you consider us for your next event if the food and service fits the bill.

We send out a maximum of 5 tasting boxes a week only.

This makes it easy for us to manage and ensures that we send out quality to all.


We will endeavor to support your chosen date and time and will let you know if this is not possible and when the next delivery will be made.

Great - we will let you know when your tasting box will be delivered. Thank you for the opportunity. Warm regards, Fresh Convenience Catering team.

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