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The complete range of platter options for you to ponder over and choose from for your private party or social gathering - big or small.
Any weekend, any where in Perth.

Parties, social gatherings, events like engagements and weddings take a bit of organising and setting up. One of the things we offer as a service is ease - fresh quality produce turned in to delicious morsels that require little to no input from you the host.

We turn up with the food as requested served hot or cold and drop it off - no dishes needed to be done, no chefs in your event... simple.

If you need staff then of course we can support you - but the main stay is ease and quality.

Fresh Convenience Catering understands nutrition and nurturing.

Contact us if you would like us to develop a menu tailored specifically to your event we are here to help.

This menu is specific to weekend events - if you require anything else let us know and we can support you as best we can.

Stainless steel platters are available @ $3 extra per platter.

*a legend to all abbreviations can be found at the bottom of the page



Slow cooked beef and rosemary sausage rolls H DF



Bacon and Swiss cheese quiches H or C



Asparagus, sweet corn and camembert quiches 
H or C V



Mixed hot platter

- samosa

- prosciutto & parmesan dumpling

- Chefs beef sausage roll with sundried tomato and              
   spring onion



Meat balls with tomato relish GF



Tuna patties with herb mayonnaise H DF



Spicy lamb skewers with a yoghurt tzatziki dip 
H or C GF DF



Coconut chicken strips with a lime aioli 
H or C / GF available


Malaysian curry puff beef/vegetarian V



Samosa beef/vegetarian


Slow cooked beef and rosemary pies



Slider – prime beef patty on house mini roll with

Cheese, rocket and relish vegetarian available V



Cheesy jalapeno balls H V



Prosciutto & parmesan dumplings H



Ginger chicken bites & mango salsa H GF










Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Nut Free



Refined Sugar Free



Prosciutto wrapped rock melon C DF GF



Chive pancakes with crème fraiche and
red onion confit 


Assorted sushi (salmon, vegetarian, egg and chicken) C DF GF



Roast beef and wasabi crostini C DF



Assorted house made tacos C 50%V



Smoked salmon with crème fraiche on blinis C


Beef Tataki in a cucumber cup C DF GF



Meat Cheese & Dips Platter


Antipasto, Meat & Cheese Platter



Cheese Platter

- Large $90.00

- Small $55.00


Cookies and cream cheesecake C V



Sweet buttermilk muffins with assorted fruits C V



Assorted mini fruit Danish C V



Mini mud cake CV



Bite size crepe pieces C V

- chocolate & pistachio

- raspberry


Mini fruit muffin C V



Fruit Platter for 30 people V GF



Almond & Date/ Cranberry & Coconut Nut Balls 
GF DF V Vegan