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We all love choices - and you'd be hard pressed to find more choices than we have to offer each and every day. Our family meals change every day, cooked fresh from scratch and delivered to you in packs of two or four. You can add pantry extras and our other packs of course - but if you want guaranteed fresh, quality food every day - this is the way forward.


No need to go anywhere - we come to you.

You can choose contact-less delivery or deliver as normal and the ordering system is simple and convenient to use. See below for whats on offer in the family meal menu (below) and be sure to check out our home delivery packs and pantry here.

How to:

  1. Choose the day's menu that you would like to try - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc

  2. Pick the meal/s A, B, C or D

  3. Go to our online shopping cart here

  4. How many of each 2 or 4

  5. Would you like a salad as well?

  6. Any pantry items or our home delivery packs can be added

  7. Confirm the order - choose delivery type & pay

  8. Delivery time will be after 2pm - we will call or email to let you know when

  9. Wait for your delivery to come around

  10. Heat up and serve - Yum!

Order Monday for Tuesday you get Tuesday's
A, B, C or D
Order Wednesday for Friday you get Friday's A, B, C or D
...and so on.

Menu for Week beginning Monday 6th April 2020

Monday 6th April

Thursday 9th April

  • A Chicken & bechamel lasagne
  • B Mediterranean style chicken leg casserole served with penne pasta
  • C Peri peri chicken wrap
  • D Pumpkin, sweet potato & pepita salad

Tuesday 7th April

  • A Chicken & mushroom risotto (Pictured above)
  • B Roast chicken, pesto, cherry tomato & penne pasta
  • C Cubano - pork & ham
  • D Eggplant, pumpkin, zucchini & spice salad

Friday 10th April

  • A Oven baked chicken fried rice
  • B Spicy oven baked basa & roast vegetables
  • C Ham, tomato and cheese panini
  • D Traditional Greek salad

Wednesday 8th April

  • A Deep fried panko crumbed fish fillet, potato mash & house made tartare
  • B Chorizo, chicken & prawn jambalaya
  • C Moroccan beef wrap
  • D Panzanella, tomato & celery salad
  • A Grilled peri peri chicken, corn potato mash & broccoli
  • B Coconut beef curry & jasmine rice
  • C Chicken, bacon & egg wrap
  • D Pumpkin, & cous cous salad

Saturday 11th April

  • A Beef fried rice
  • B Sesame honey soy chicken leg & potato mash
  • C Pork belly artisan roll
  • D Beetroot & pumpkin salad

Sunday 12th April

  • A Creamy chicken & mushroom stroganoff & jasmine rice
  • B Oven baked fish with spiced cous cous
  • C Crumbed fish & slaw wrap
  • D Lemony Greek pasta salad

Add A Sweet Treat

Brownie GF DF (8 serves)

Small Orange and Almond Cakes GF DF(4 Serves)

Sweet Mini Tarts GF DF(8 serves)

Nut Balls - GF DF RSF Vegan

Peanut Butter & Chocolate (8 serves)

Loaf Banana Bread (12 Slices) 

Add Pantry Items

Granola GF DF 350g

Plunger Coffee -

250 grams Prima Tazza Blend

Handmade Aioli Gf DF 200g

Homemade Hummus GF DF 350g

Add A Ready to go Meal

Beef Lasagne Family Size Tray Serves 4

Eggplant & chickpea curry - GF DF

with rice & broccoli ready (4 serves)

Chicken curry - GF DF

with rice & broccoli ready (4 serves)

Roasted Chicken Breast GF DF (1kg)

Honey Soy Chicken Deep Fried GF DF 1Kg

Pulled Beef GF DF 1Kg 

Greek Salad GF Serves 4


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