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Enjoy award-winning catering for meetings, conferences, training, seminars, professional development, workplace parties, family days, christmas parties, celebrations, wakes, weddings, birthdays, milestones - we cater it all.

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Fresh Catering and Events


Healthy, Sustainable Home Delivery & Corporate Catering for Perth.

Established in 2009 Fresh Convenience Catering has now become Fresh Catering and Events, it has proven itself by producing, serving and delivering quality food products across Perth.


2021 Winner of the Restaurant and Catering Industry Award for Caterer of the Year and Best Corporate Caterers, Fresh Catering and Events specialises in the provision of corporate and event catering packages for office meetings, training days, seminars, workshops and conferences, supporting with family day & event catering on large scales, weddings, celebrations, wakes, sundowners, anniversaries, birthdays, at work at home or just plain for fun. We cover it all.


Our philosophy is simple – we put people first, providing food that nourishes and nurtures and keep participants engaged with the task at hand.


What better way to support the people in your business or workplace, with food that can sustain them throughout the meeting and the day’s events.


And you can even take us home! We have a range of ready-cooked meals so that you can enjoy our food in the comfort of your own home.

You can also experience our delicious and nutritious food at Canning River Cafe, Cafe Space. 

Welcome to the Fresh Catering and Events experience!

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